Tuesday 5 February 2019

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Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

NWES 2019 Rules Package features Pure Racing at its best!

If you love Pure Racing, the 2019 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2019 season will meet your expectations. Fresh of another intense and exciting season filled with door-to-door on-track battles and American-themed family fun, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series is making no compromises in 2019. After announcing an expansion to seven events, the official NASCAR series in Europe will double down on its best Pure Racing features both with its technical and its sporting regulations. The goal is to give its competitors even more parity and the fans the best racing in Europe.
“At a time in which most racing series are searching for themselves and trying to balance the performances of their competitors, Euro NASCAR is putting the emphasis on Pure Racing. We make no concessions for the sake of the show because parity is natural within the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series,” said NWES President-CEO Jerome Galpin. “There will be no ballast, no balance of performance, no position penalty of sort. It’s all about drivers and teams racing in perfect parity and offering the fans close, hard racing battles. Our focus is on sport, passion and human relationships. When the green flag drops, let the best win!”
Here’s a brief overview of the most notable changes awaiting competitors and fans at the season opener in Valencia, Spain on on April 13-14, 2019.
General Tire new official tyre supplier of NWES: General Tire will make its debut as the Official Tyre Supplier of NWES. The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series will be the American brand’s first motorsports partnership outside North America and there are plenty of expectations for General Tire’s new products to offer great performances and durability. Confirming the series’ strong cost containment policy, a maximum of 20 new slick tires will be allocated to each driver for all qualifying and races of the season. Practice and rain tires are not restricted.
New three-way adjustable suspensions: To provide competitors better performances and driveability, new spec shock absorbers have been developed by Team FJ, manufacturer of the Euro NASCAR. With three adjustable parameters they will provide better handling and more possibilities for teams and drivers to find an edge on the competition.
New aero package: The Euro NASCAR cars will receive aerodynamic enhancements thanks to a new rear spoiler designed with transparent polycarbonate and steel. The 2019 spoiler will also give drivers better visibility in their rear view mirrors and make the Euro NASCAR beasts even more wild.
Continuously improved technical inspections: With the support of the NASCAR R&D Center located in Concord, North Carolina, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series keeps putting the biggest efforts to ensure parity among the competitors and 2019 will see a further enhanced technical inspection process being deployed at the track.
Calendar expanded to 7 events: 2019 will mark the first season with seven events for the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. The Official NASCAR series in Europe will add Most, in Czech Republic to the calendar and return to Raceway Venray for its oval round. Double points Playoffs Semifinals and Finals will be raced at Hockenheim and Zolder.
Longer ELITE 1 races: Saturday and Sunday ELITE 1 races will be extended to 75 Kilometers for a running time closer to the 45 minutes mark. They will pose a bigger challenge to the competitors and offer the fans more excitement in the final stages of each round. ELITE 2 races will stay with the traditional 60 Km sprint format.
Longer ELITE 2 Qualifying: ELITE 2 drivers will get the opportunity to find their best pace in qualifying with a first round extended to 20 minutes before the top-12 drivers will join a nail-biting 5-minute Superpole to determine the pole position and the first 6 rows of the grid. ELITE 1 Qualifying will stay with 10 minutes Qualifying and 5 minutes Superpole.
Gian Test 2 Nht
Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Gian Luca Guiglia


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